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What are your products?

We develop, manufacture and market a full line of in-vehicle printer mounting solutions through the LEM Channel Partner Program. All of our console, partition, and patented headrest printer mount products, may be purchased through this national network of authorized resellers.

Which printers do your mounts accommodate?

Presently, we provide headrest, console, and partition mounting solutions for the following printers: Brother PocketJet, HP100, HP470, Canon iP100 and Zebra RW420. We have a mount under development for the Star Micronics TSP800 printer. Our mounts are specifically and individually sized and designed for each of those printers. As new mobile printers come into the market and demand warrants it, we intend to develop mounts for these printers.

How did you come up with the headrest option?

Our company owners include former law enforcement officers who worked were at the forefront of mobile technology, including the use of mobile data terminals or laptops for electronic traffic ticketing. When the state law required that offenders receive a printed copy of an electronic citation, naturally an in-car printer was required. But space is at a premium in a law enforcement vehicle because of all the other equipment used. The question then became: where do you put the printer so that it does not take up additional space or interfere with other equipment in the car? Using the headrest space of the front passenger seat was the answer. Our resulting headrest printer mount satisfied these contraints but also is secure and allows easy access to printed documents without losing sight of the offender's vehicle. Further, because the mount with the printer in it is easily installed and removed, the transportability advantage of the mobile printer has been retained.

Is the headrest mount patented?

We were the first company in the country to produce and market the headrest printer mount and have the only U.S. Patents for a vehicle headrest printer mount (U.S. Pats. 7637566, 7874612, 8336959, additional patent pending). Our original application was file on January 2, 2004, which means that our patent rights emanate from that date.

Does your printer mount replace the headrest?

Yes and No. Our mount does replace the passenger seat headrest but is neither designed nor intended to serve as a passenger headrest. In fact, all of our headrest printer mounts have a caution label to the effect that NO PASSENGER SHOULD BE RIDING IN THE PASSENGER SEAT WHEN THE HEADREST PRINTER MOUNT IS INSTALLED. Why? Our mounts obviously do not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for seat headrests.

What if there is a front seat passenger?

The mount should be removed and replaced with the vehicle manufacturer's actual OEM headrest whenever a passenger is present in the front seat. Our printer mount is easily removed, stays attached to the printer and has foldable legs, so this is a workable option. If front seat passengers are present most of the time, this may be inconvenient. Thus, we also offer a center console mounting option for the printer between the two front seats. The console mount can be mounted to the side or rear of the console for the printer to ride above the console. This mount is adjustable up and down, side to side and front to rear to accommodate the other equipment in the console or the preferences of the driver. We also are developing a partition bracket where our mounts can be attached to the partition if present.

Is your console printer mount convertible to a headrest printer mount?

Easily. We offer the hardware to convert it.

I've seen a competing headrest mount for the Brother Pocketjet Printer that are padded and purports to serve as an actual headrest. Shouldn't I consider that mount if we have front seat passengers?

Only at your own risk. The question you will need to ask is whether the combined headrest and printer mount meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for passenger seat headrests. If it does not, would you want this potential liability for serious head injury in a collision?

How can I find out more about your mounts?

  • Visit our Product Page, where you can also download our product overview documentation click here
  • Contact one of our authorized resellers click here
  • Contact us directly click here

How would I purchase your printer mounts?

We market our printer mounts through the LEM Channel Partner Program, a national network of authorized resellers. Please refer to our "Find a Reseller" section to locate a reseller near you. click here


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LEM has solved the mobile printer placement problem. With our patented headrest printer mounts, users no longer have to worry about where to place the printer in the vehicle. The platforms are sturdy and secure, providing the driver with easy access to the printer. And they do not interfere with airbags or other equipment


Ease of Conversion

We also offer center console and partition mounting options. Our conversion kits provide you with an "interchangeable" mounting option, to leverage future changes to your fleet and protect your investment.


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